For those who are looking for a job in Japan

We established in 2018 by our mother company Shin central accountant corporation. We are introducing foreign human resources to Japanese small and medium companies in a wide range of industries. In 2018, this is the time where many companies are in need of human resources yet the population of Japan is decreasing, especially young Japanese generation. We started by introducing human resources to our accountant client’s companies but now we are providing services to wide range of business types mainly small and medium enterprises. Unlike large companies, the number of employees is not so much that people are power not cost . We Global Staff wish to become bridge of this two, helping people worldwide to find a job in Japan, helping Japanese small and medium companies to grow globally.

Our Merits

Well hospitalized follow up system in English language

For those who are looking for a job here in Japan,
it is sometimes difficult to use their native language and to adjust to their job hunting custom.
Here in Global Staff, you can present yourself by using English language so that you can express your views 100%.
And even after you’ve started working,
we would continually support and assist you in your needs with regards to your new work place.

We would introduce you to a long term job

We will introduce you to a small and medium companies. Belonging to these kinds of companies have several advantages; for example you could experience important task that would directly make the company bigger. In case in the future, they would entrust you to do an important role according to your skills that would give you an experience to see how the company run.
We Global Staff are waiting for those applicants who want to grow professionally by having these kinds of experiences in a local Japanese company.
Our entire goal is for you to become a manager, executive or director of a company.

We are company made by an accountant corporation.

We are to be trusted because we are established by a qualified accountant corporation, and have been in the business of consultation for 26 of years. And from an accountant prospective, we could introduce a good and suitable company for your benefit.

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